Ibis Catalogs & Ephemera:
Whither Goest, Ibis?After some discussions about Ibis which took place on the iBob list, I dug around the files and discovered a small stash of Ibis catalogs, ads, etc. dating from the Sebastopol, CA days. I'm posting some scans here. You can click on items to get a full size, screen resolution version. I may post some higher resolution pdf versions in the future. This will be limited by the hosting expense and time to do so.

The Ibis print advertisements which I have in the files are starting to show up here.

In answer to a question which has popped up a few times - "No, I never worked for them". I just always appreciated their designs and, um, "refreshing" approach to the bike business.

If you can update information, provide missing years or correct errors within this section, please send me an email. I pestered Scot enough via email that he gave me some broad guidelines for serial numbers. And, like Jason in Friday the 13th, an Ibis resurrection is taking place...


Ibis Catalog Scans
1989 Model Year - Spec Sheets & Dealer Info

Ibis Tandems

Big thanks to Joel Metz - for submitting the scans for this 1989 section!


1994 Model Year - Spec Sheets

1994 Mojo Spec Sheet - front
1994 Mojo Spec Sheet - back
1994 Ti Mojo Spec Sheet - front
1994 Ti Mojo Spec Sheet - back

Ti Mojo Spec Sheet
- front -



1995 Model Year - Szazbo Flyer - Tandem Catalog - Ti Stems (full scan of each page)



1997 Model Year - Ibis Catalog (full scan of each page)


1998 Model Year - Ibis Catalog (full scan of each page)

1998 Ibis Catalog Scans
1998 Ibis Catalog Scans
1998 Ibis Catalog Scans
1998 Ibis Catalog Scans
1999 Model Year - Ibis "Postcard" Series
1999 Ibis Postcard Series
1999 Ibis Postcard Series
1999 Ibis Postcard Series
1999 Ibis Postcard Series
Ibis Print Ads & Press Clippings

This page began life because
we got talking about
Scorchers on the iBob list
Ibis Scorcher Blurb
Bicycling Magazine Blurb
click to enlarge

For more early Ibis print ads - Click here


First Flight Bicycles also has an Ibis specific section -



But...Ibis Cometh Again?
- Click here -

Whither Goest, Ibis?

and, since their new site is Flash-based,
here are some screen shots...

Wait! There's MORE!
Ibis Decals - Yee-ah Baby!

has pretty much every decal they ever made for sale.
Available for your "period-correct" Ibis resto!

Plus - don't miss the Chuck Ibis Blog -




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