This 1997 Kestrel EMS got a makeover after I built a Sycip Crossdresser to take on tarmac duties. Its multi to single gear conversion yielded results Jenny Craig would be proud of . . .

Original issue (1992) Control Tech barends, Crank Bros. grips, Easton carbon bar, Profile stem, original Avid Ultimate brake lever with post production V-chip (this was Avid's not so successful attempt to make these levers compatible with V-brakes) wired to a Shimano Ultegra brake, King Grip Nut headset, Dean seatpost, Ultegra crank with 39t chainring and BB, Ritchey pedals, and Speed Dream Dave's wheels (F: White Ind. 20 spoke LTA hub, Velocity rim, Ultegra skewer. R: White Ind. ENO eccentric 32 spoke hub, White Ind. 16-17 freewheel, Velocity rim, Bontrager 25mm tires).

The eccentric hub rotates the rear wheel back and down just enough to exceed the Ultegra brake's short pad reach to the rim sidewall. So, no rear brake. Changing gears is not something one does during a ride, as repositioning the eccentric hub in the dropouts is necessary to properly tension the chain, which takes more time unclipped than I am willing to spend once the cranks start spinning. This bike is very light, and if I had a scale, I'd let you know the weight . . .

Enjoy, Cary Gossett





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