Here's my single-speed for local runs.

Dawes Galaxy - Reynolds 531 with chrome. British Racing Green paint. Made in Merry Olde England. Set-up with a Nankai No.75 coaster brake. Araya 700c rims with Kenda 700x35 tires. Nitto Dynamic II stem & Nitto Promenade B603 bars for a comfy around town position. 105 crank turning a 40x16 gearing. Sprung saddle - not a Brooks because it spends time outside. Had cork grips, but tore one up while laying it down trying to ride through big, wet, leaf piles. Have to replace that soon.

Russell Jobs
Wauwatosa, WI

Dawes Galaxy Singlespeed - drive side view
Dawes Galaxy singlespeed - front view
Dawes Galaxy singlespeed - rear hub detail




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