Jim - another SS of mine

2005 Milwaukee Orange One. Didn't like the other street fixee's out there so I designed my own.

Road geo - good for all day rides and commuting - I even did a few 'Cross races on it last fall. Built by Waterford with TrueTemper Verus HT tubing, room for 30c knobbies. It was begging for classic silver parts, not the generic black stuff. Long reach Shimano 600 brakes, vintage Dura-Ace cranks, Suzue Pro-Max hubs laced 4X to Sun M13II hoops. Nitto bar & stem and Ultegra seatpost holding a Turbo Super. I've got a prototype bronze headbadge - the stock ones are pewter.

Russell Jobs
Wauwatosa, WI


Milwaukee Orange One - side view
Milwaukee Orange One - bb detail
Milwaukee Orange One - rear fork ends & hub
Milwaukee Orange One - front quarter view




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