This was a 1970's Motobecane Mirage I found this past Thanksgiving at the dump in Welffleet, Mass.

I initially thought it would be a track-style singlespeed, but I liked the idea of having a more utilitarian commuter to get to and from town here in Portland, Maine. The headlight is an old Petzl headlamp I had (4.5V). I took the webbing off and strung the wiring under the wood box. The battery is ziptied in and has proved to be both waterproof and ice proof. The rear fender is kept in shape with a wine cork (and I keep a spare cork behind the seatpost). The bike is a soft ride, but I think I may need to alter the ratio--it's a bit much on even the little hills.

Stop by and take it for a spin yourself if you're ever in Portland.


Motobecane Mirage - Side view
Motobecane Mirage - front quarter view
Motobecane Mirage - rear quarter view
Motobecane Mirage - cockpit view
Motobecane Mirage - fender, cork, crank detail




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