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Howdy Jim

This is the 1988 Bridgestone MB3 I purchased brand new from the Spokesman in Santa Cruz back in '88. Going on 18 years of solid service. Not sure if gallery worthy, but will let you be the filter. Just converted to SS about the time you started this site/ using parts bin crankset and plastic spacers on a Deore hub. This is my weekend playtime ride for exploring singletrack with other grownups or pulling my kindergarden-aged daughter along bike path or to the playground on trailabike, depending on the kitchen pass I am cashing in.

32x18 makes for easier climbing-recently moved to a 33x18 which let me remove the tensioner. original parts include the Ritchey Force stem and the rear shimano cantis-all else has been replaced a few times over. Newer parts-Ritchey DH bars, Brooks Pro saddle, big Kona platform pedals(my favorite part), Surly tensioner(now gone), truvative 33t luftalarm BMX crankset(added after photo), ritchey logic headset, Rockshox quadra circa 1993-was installed in 93then broke it on a rock, rockshox sent a new one but it took me 10 years to get around to putting it back on. maybe not purist singlespeed to have the shock, but it adds a lot of comfort on the descent and I believe this model was actually offered on the 94 mb3.

All scratches dings dents by original owner. going SS has added great new dimension to my enjoyment of mountain biking

Thanks for the site.



Bridgestone MB3 - front quarter view
Bridgestone MB3 - Scratch 'n Dent Drivetrain
Bridgestone MB3 - rear hub & cog detail




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