Hi Jim,

Herewith 1980 vintage Nishiki Ultimate which I found languishing in my LBS. Originally equipped with a full Campagnolo Nuovo Record group and once top of the Nishiki line, it had fallen upon hard times and its rims were somewhat buckled. Happily after cleaning and lots of TLC, it was in far better condition that I had imagined.

Original equipment retained: 57cm frame and fork, Campy Nuovo Record crank set and 42" chainwheel (plus Sedis chain), seatpost, headset and brakes.

Swapped some of the now redundant Campy hardware for a new TA bottom bracket thanks to Mike Barry (of Mariposa fame).

Wheels; CXP 21 rims, matching pair of Vredestein Fortessa Tri-Comps (-snared in a two for one sale), cheap and cheerful TX Quando flip/flop hub, Surly 17tooth flip, Shimano 17tooth free wheel flop, Shimano XTR (NOS) front hub. Shimano 323 pedals; Specialized Body Geometry saddle. Outland (Diamondback/Raleigh) anatomic bars with Profile tape. Yellow Coolstop Eagle 2 brake pads.

Rattling good Dupli-Color charcoal paint job (thanks to Canadian Tire!)

It handles beautifully and is very responsive, thanks in part to the tight rear triangle. A really fine machine for less than $CAD500 outlay.

Roy Bird

Ajax, Ontario



Nishiki Ultimate - driveside view
Nishiki Ultimate - Crocus background
Nishiki Ultimate - front brake detail
Nishiki Ultimate -crank & bottom bracket detail
Nishiki Ultimate - Rear hub detail




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