Road frame>fixie conversion from Fuji's Golden Age, on the cusp of the vintage>modern transition. This frame still uses the Nervex-clone lugs dating back to the mid-'70s Pro, but has the upright angles, tighter wheelbase and fatter seatstays (w/gorgeous, huge scalloped seatstay caps) of the crit-focused '80s bikes. Handling is still fairly neutral, and with a little cush on the rubber (28c now, just a tad tight in the rear but liveable) it's not much of a boneshaker.

Fuji America was a huge SunTour supporter, even after it stopped making economic sense, so this gets dressed mostly in period Superbe & Superbe Pro. Nitto Technomic & Dream/B-176 up front, and Brooks out back 'cause the Fujita Professionals were never wide enough for my wide load, even when I was young/thin. Paint's a little rough on this one, too, but I see that as "character."

Like the MKM, this gets some early-morning spins on the days I sleep too late to ride more than a few miles, and it's been last week's and this week's favorite commuter.

One Heart, One Mind, One Speed....

Cheers, PB


Fuji Professional - side view
Fuji Professional - seat lug detail
Fuji Professional - head lug detail
Fuji Professional - fork crown top
Fuji Professional - top tube & headtube




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