This is my 1985 53cm Cannondale SR 500 aluminum criterium frame with vertical dropouts. The stock fork is steel and was made by Tange. I got tired of the 12-speed dinosaur gearing on this bike and decided to convert it to single speed. I just take it out and ride it; it doesn't have a designation, like "commuter" or "work bike", it just does what I tell it to. Any good bike worth it's salt should.

The specs are as follows:
My original Campy Record crank and BB (purchased in 1975) with a 46t black Cannondale track chain ring mounted on the inside.
Mavic G40 32 hole rims with Campy Nuovo Record low flange road hubs and skewers.
Yeah, I laced 'em myself 25 years ago with straight gauge DT spokes, and I've never broken one.
Continental Ultra Sport 700x25 tires.
Shimano 17t freewheel (I'd go fixie, but I don't want to chew up my Campy road hubs with a cog and Locktite, and I don't feel like getting a track wheel for a couple hundred bucks, either...)
Shimano 105 short reach brakes
Specialized alloy quill stem
Cinelli '84 L.A. Olympics time trial bullhorn bars shortened then drilled for internal brake lines; covered with Cinelli "splash" cork tape
O.M.A.S. aluminum headset, which was stock on Cannondales back in the day
Cane Creek TT200 brake levers
An old SR Laprade seatpost I bought for a dollar on ebay and polished to a high shine
Nashbar comfort race style saddle to compensate for the stiff, unforgiving "early days" design of this fat aluminum criterium frame
Nashbar Look-compatible pedals

And most important: a half link in the chain, combined with the 46 x 17 gearing allowed me a "magic gear" with proper chain tension on the vertical dropouts. No filing was needed!

The classic Japanese brass bell that both Rivendell and Velo-Orange sells for a good price is a great accent piece, and it threads right on to a downtube shifter boss. It's a beauty and sounds sweet!

This bike weighs between 18 and 19 lbs. and climbs like a freakin' monkey.

David Faller

Redding, California

Questions or comments, go ahead and write to



Cannondale SR500 - bars detail
Cannondale SR500 - side view
Cannondale SR500 -  crankset detail
Cannondale SR500 - chainline
Cannondale SR500 - seat cluster




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