Hello Jim,

I finally got around to taking some new photos of my Rivendell Quickbeam. Several years ago I started a website to collect photos and links to (mostly Rivendell) classic bikes; however, I never really put the effort into maintaining it so I've been pleased to see what a great job you've done with your site and have really enjoyed it. There are still photos and links to many Rivendells (and a few other classic bikes) that may be of interest to others: http://home.earthlink.net/~rivromulus/links.html.

(If you haven't checked out Brett's RivRomulus website - do it! Some really nice bicycles over there. - ed.)

I purchased this Quickbeam off ebay in January '05 and I've slowly transformed this to be my dream single-speed/fixed commuter. The most recent addition was a set of new Open Pro wheels that I built around Phil Wood and SON (Schmidt) hubs to power B&M DLumotec and DToplight XS lights for my night commute. Other highlights are moustache bars wrapped in Brooks antique brown tape to match the saddle and D-bag, plus T.A. road pedals with MKS Fit-a track straps and Soma clips. I prefer the small Tubus fly rack with my T-28 Arkel panniers to the more classic looking Carradice Barley I had been using for a while.

For my somewhat hilly San Francisco commute I use 36x16 free and 36x14 fixed, which works for most hills, but the occasional Marin Headlands ride it's nice to have the 28x18 option as well.

Thanks for wonderful website.

- Brett Gilbert in San Francisco.


Rivendell Quickbeam - side view


Rivendell Quickbeam - front lighting detail
Rivendell Quickbeam - rear lighting detail
Rivendell Quickbeam - Phil hub detail
Rivendell Quickbeam - Golden Gate & Marin Headlands




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