The frame is a Fuji Berkeley which I scored at the St. Vincent De Paul "Dig & Save" outlet in Madison -- I believe it was $15. The original components were ultra-cheap. The FUJI inscribed cranks are off another Fuji that was in the dumpster at Vinnies. I dug it out and paid $5 because I wanted the cranks. The rear wheel is off another F/G bike that I bought off a guy on the street in a weak moment, and the front is off an old Trek. Other components include the no-name bars from another thrift store in northern Wisconsin, an odd Mavic brake lever and the NOS Selle saddle. All this stuff sat around for quite some time before I put it all together about 3 weeks ago. I really like the bike; it's my third F/G project and has become my primary ride, although I'll probably go back to my F/G Peugout which has fenders for the onset of wintery weather. I must say my discovery of F/G bikes rekindled my interest in cycling as transportation -- I ride everyday now.

Bob Hague

Madison WI



Fuji Berkeley - Excellent Food
Fuji Berkeley - La Libertad
Fuji Berkeley - rear quarter top down view
Fuji Berkeley - Framed well




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