This project was for my wife for Christmas this year. I think it turned out rather nice and wanted to share something different than your average road bike. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all. We like those too.

One speed is all she needs with a flip/flop fixed/free hub. Current gear ratio is 40X20 cause it is a townie. Brooks B67 cause you've got to be kind to that behind. Cloth tape, cork grips, hemp twine, shellac on the lot. My favorite parts are the brass bell, anodized brake cable housing, and matching gold chain. Powder coat cause it is cleaner, stronger, and less we forget cheaper. Old SR Mixte frame. Nifty dual kick stand. Nitto Dove bars, and Periscopa stem. Cynthia's Twigs Basket. Perfect for a trip to the farmers market etc, etc, etc... This bike would not have been possible if it were not for the help, guidance and parts, (including frame) from my good friend Sky Boyer who owns the Veloculture used bike shop here in beautiful La Jolla California; where these pictures were taken. If you are in the area you have to stop by. The place is a treasure box. The man has taste. That is all I can say ( Pictures were done by his friend Mike. Build was Inspired by Grant Peterson and Sheldon Brown. Big thanks to Sky, Mike, and you for your wonderful website.

Peace be with you.




Kristi's Mixte - non-drive side
Kristi's Mixte - drive side
Kristi's Mixte - side view
Kristi's Mixte - on the beach




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