Hi Jim,

Thanks for the great site.

Here is my latest project. (Bella TreKolori Coaster)

It all started as a cheap, whatever-I-had-in-the-garage, coaster project. I had the teal green frame -- which I thought had some nice lines --, red wheels, and some goofy white fenders (they came with the bike). I don't know why, but the whole Italian theme was still not apparent yet (duh). Xmas maybe.

It wasn't until I scored the stock red blackburn rack at CityBikes, Portland, that the Tre Colori theme became an obsession. My next addition is to build up an another red rear wheel using a Phil Wood fixie hub a have laying around.

Oh, and now my wife needs a bike...

Some of the details:
Trek 510 frame (22.5") Late 80's/early 90's with original Campy frame dropouts and cable routes
Cinelli stem, no name bars, Forte cheater levers, Campy Gran Compe brakes
White Flite saddle (thanks Kevin), SR Laprade post
172.5mm Dura Ace cranks
39/15 gearing





Trek 510 - drive side view
Trek 510 - rear quarter view
Trek 510 - drivetrain detail
Trek 510 - front quarter view
Trek 510 - post & seat cluster detail




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