I have thoroughly enjoyed the web site since discovering it about a year ago. Thank you for your efforts! It inspired me to undertake yet another rebuild of my 1973 Atala Grand Prix (purchased with high school lawn cutting proceeds), and to christen it the Crankswell. This bike has served as a tourer, commuter, and general knock around ride. Details:

Chrome lugs and stays on the Columbus-tubed frame. The original fork was replaced with the chrome Tange unit after a roommate had a run-in with a VW Beetle.

Mid-70's Record high flange hubs, the front laced to a 700c Weinmann Concave, while the rear is a newer Mavic MA3. I have the original Tipo high flange hubs on a second wheelset with 'cross tires for unpaved rail-to-trail rides. Freddy Fenders help shed the water, all too present in western Washington.

It runs a 39 tooth front ring on Suntour Superbe crank arms, and a new 16 tooth Shimano freewheel, spun by Shimano clipless/platform pedals.

44 cm Noodle bar with a Sunhine stem and Shimano 600 levers. Love that Bar Phat!.

Nashbar "long reach" brakes just to see how I like them (this is the first time I have ever used sidepull brakes; earlier iterations of the bike used the original Weinmann centerpulls.

A Trek rack and REI bags hold all of the essentials.

It is a very comfortable bike, and just right for rides on the many trails available in the area.

Thanks to Aaron's Bicycle Repair, Elliott Bay Bicycles, Rivendell Bicycle Works, Redmond Cycle, and McLendon's Hardware.


Dave Williams
Kirkland, Washington


Atala Crankswell - front hub detail
Atala Grand Prix - nondrive side
Atala Grand Prix - Crankswell
Atala Grand Prix - drivetrain detail
Atala Grand Prix - rear quarter view




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