Hey Jim.

Here's another homemade "Capricorn" for your gallery.

I went for all out comfort and utility with this frame. The tubing is fillet-brazed, double-butted True-Temper Verus cro-moly so it's light and can spring off from a stoplight. Otherwise the swept back grocery-getters and the three-pound saddle all but invite you to just cruise and watch the birds in the trees.

The rack's made with 4130 aircraft tubing and carries 15-20 pounds pretty easily. The rack's deck is made with oak, which looks good and keeps the load from getting sprayed by the tire. People who've picked-up the rack alone have commented on how light it is. I barely notice it while riding if it's empty.

The frame's "oregano" powder-coat was done here in town by Corey at Dero, a company that makes bicycle-parking racks. He does nice work.

Some bits and pieces: 42/16 gears, Dura-Ace rear hub, Araya rims, Brooks B72 saddle, cheapo crank and BB, Ritchey Headset and Bontrager (Albatross wanna-be) h-bars, Bontrager Triple-Case 25 tires (highly flat resistant!).

I just moved to Minneapolis and started to save up for a proper fame fixture. Hopefully by this summer I'll be able to sell some frames.

-Bradley Wilson



Capricorn Fixie - On the Waterfront
Capricorn Fixie - rack detail
Capricorn Fixie - seat cluster detail
Capricorn Fixie - Loaded to go
Capricorn Fixie - rear fork end detail




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