Here's my spring project: a Bridgestone MB-5 representing my return to fat knobbies after a 9 year hiatus. I found this bike rusting away and with some contributions from the parts bin and swap meets was able to put together a decent trail bike. Did shell out for a Rohloff chain tensioner, which wasn't cheap but is really nice. Other parts highlights include mismatched (black/silver) right and left Ritchey road crank arms (long story) and a suzue 130 freewheel rear hub, respaced to give a chainline that is spot-on. 38-18 is maybe geared a little high, but it's what I'll roll for now. I might swap out later to a slightly shorter stem and some riser or Mary bars.

Thanks for hosting this great site.

Hans Stoops


Bridgestone MB-5 - rear quarter view




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