Hi Jim,

Been enjoying surfing through the galleries of bikes here. Here's my Proteus fixie I've owned since 1987. I worked at Proteus from 81-93 and the bike was a trade-in I scarfed up. It was built in the Proteus "Century" era, 1975 or so. Workmanship those years was functional and sort of quaintly crude. I used to commute to the shop on it seven miles each way. Now I enjoy it mostly for off season rides of 20-30 miles in the near by Beltsville agricultural center.

Frame is Reynolds 531 though-out, Prugnat S4 lugs with no cut outs, Campy track drop-outs with braze-on fittings for the rear rack. The nice vintage parts that came with the bike include Campy Record high flange track hubs, record track headset, and steel NR road pedals, and the Sugino Mighty track crank and BB. I scrounged up the vintage Fiamme stem from a junk bin in the bowels of the shop. Over the last twenty years the wheels were converted to clinchers and the American Classic seat post and cage were installed. Not exactly true to the 1975 vintage but like the Turbo saddle, they're functional - as are the cut off flipped bars. The Blackburn rack and trunk bag make it convenient to pick up a six pack on the way home.

I'm enjoying the process of setting up a new Soma Smoothie ES. Pixs to follow upon completion.

Regards, Erik



Proteus - front quarter view
Proteus - side view




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