Motobecane Messenger from that online retailer. This same rig ls also marketed as a Dawes, Fuji, Mercier, Windsor- All same Taiwanese chromo with cheap parts. Here's mine.

Swapped the stock bar with IRO road bar, an $18 duplicate of the Rivendell Nitto Noodle. No ergo bends and a nice big flat spot up top. Swapped the Truvativ Touro S/S crank, 48T, with the IRO S/S crank, 44T. Both have square taper BB so the swap was a breeze. The IRO crank is super BEEFY. It's only polished on the outboard surfaces which is kind of weird, but the surfaces you see are as nice as Sugino, Shimano, I'd say damn close to the pearly shine of Campagnolo cranks... Canned the plastic to clips for some MKS chrome and some SOMA leather straps. Swapped the black stock seatpost for a silver IRO. Swapped the stock cheesebox seat for a Brooks standard, honey brown. I have never owned a NEW one and actually treated it as recommended by the manufacturer. I knew that NOTHING would suit this bike as well as the orangeish tint of the Brooks. Cotton tape and wine corks. It appears that 25s or 28s would be the biggest I could go on tires. I'll leave the 23s on until I wear 'em out (Kenda Koncept). Silly little Diamond Back BMX chain tensioners. Really in place so I can make sure the wheel is centered before I crank down on the rear axle bolts. Not really critical for chain tension. Specialized frame pump.

Thanks for what you do!

spencer baker


Motobecane Messenger - front quarter view
Motobecane Messenger - driveside view
Motobecane Messenger - side view




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