I stumbled on to your great site about a month ago when I bought a 1989 Panasonic DX-5000, but I became enamored with the beautiful and simple single speed bicycles I saw in that gallery. I was mesmerized and fascinated by all of these great works of art.

I am the proud owner of a 1973-1975 Bianchi 27" 10-speed my uncle brought back from Italy in 1975. It has been in our family since it was new. It has moved all across the country and has seen very little use in the last 30 years, maybe a handful of bike rides, spending most of its life in the various garages and attics. But it has always held a special place in our family. My uncle died in 1979 at the age of 26. My father had held onto the bike ever since. Unfortunately, my father passed away in 2001 and I became the keeper of the bike. I vowed to ride it again and in the summer of 2002, I sent it to a local bicycle tech (artist) in Dallas to restore the bike. I planned on switching it to a modern road racer, but soon learned of all its pitfalls and casual geometry. But, none the less, I pressed on and waited nearly 3 months for the NOS decals, that matched all but the Bianchi down tube decal, the original was white and outlined in goldish green. We could not find a duplicate to that great decal and went with the version that is on the bike now. Then the bike sat (actually hung from the wall in my garage) for the next 5 years until one month ago, when I knew what I had to do....get it to the cyclofiend single speed gallery! I present "Classic-Mod Bianchi Fixie" (yeah I know I have a flip-flop on it, but I like to coast sometimes too). I have added the following modern flare to my family heirloom and hope to ride it for the next 30 plus years!

-King Headset
-Miche Italian thread adjustable bottom bracket
-Velocity wheels and Hubs
-Armadillo Red-wall Tires
-BulletProof Cranks
-Rocket Ring 48 tooth BMX chain ring
-Izumi Gold Chain
-Killoy 26.4 Seat post
-Salsa Stem
-Profile Bars
-Fine Taiwanese Quill Stem adapter
-Bontrager seat
-$5 throw away Pedals
-Shimano Freewheel and Shimano fixed cog (18-tooth)
-Classic Bianchi Celeste water bottles

Coming soon......very soon!
-Muzi Brake Calipers (Can't decide if front only?)
-Profile bar-end "Bullet" brake levers
-Celeste Brake Cables
-Celeste/Black Cinelli bar tape
-Better Pedals
-Celeste Saddle (maybe?)
-Fenders (maybe just shorty rear)
-Brass Bell
-Luggage rack (rear)

There you have it....The "Classic-Mod Bianchi Fixie" I just made it rideable today and it was a real joy. I have not stopped grinning! I plan on making this my in town cruiser and grocery getter. I want to thank Jim and Chuck at Richardson Bike Mart - Frisco and the guys and girls at Harris Cycle and Yellow Jersey.

Thanks for taking the time to keep old bikes young again. Ciao!

"Ti auguro, tante belle cose!"

-Rob Mays
Frisco, Texas



Bianchi - Angle detail
Bianchi - Front Ring Detail
Bianchi - front quarter view
Bianchi - headtube detail
Bianchi - side view




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