I remember when I was a kid in 1980 and I saw my first kos kruiser in the bike shop, I begged my dad to get it for me and he ended up bringing me home some lame ten speed!

My desire never passed to own one of these beauties until i recently looked to find one and buy it, OUCH! have you seen what those things go for these days, well I found this 1984 mongoose mountain bike frame in the back of a local bike shop, the forks were bent and the owner was going throw it away, i straightened the forks and built this bike you see here, the only thing I have changed since the picture is I put a brooks saddle on it.




26" Cruiser - side view
26" Cruiser - side view 2
26" Cruiser - drivetrain detail
26" Cruiser - rear wheel detail
26" Cruiser - rear quarter view




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