Hey Jim

I started a diet plan early in the spring on this 18 year old CCM. I kept busting things and while looking for a bolt I came across a full suspension bike at 50% off. That piece o'crap department store bike didn't last 2 months before the crank came apart, I got my money back and bought a Marin hardtail. As winter approaches here in the great north I began reading about singlespeeds and decided to convert the old CCM to a singlespeed and use it for my daily commute. There's nothing fancy about it, the only non-original parts are the Rhyno Light rear wheel and the Revolver hub. It is currently geared at 48:18. Over the winter when snow and cold will have me on an e-bike (arrrg) I hope to treat it to some paint and maybe a few other odds. I want to keep it less than appealing to thieves and so far it is that, ugly but I love it. The diet has me down 75 pounds and I refound a love for bikes and riding.

That's Lake Superior in the background and Thunder Bay's Sleeping Giant in the distance.

Ron Kresack Thunder Bay Ontario Canada



CCM Singlespeed - By the Water
CCM Singlespeed - rear hub detail
CCM Singlespeed - side view
CCM Singlespeed - bars view




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