The grocery-getter becomes a singlespeed

I got a new road bike last year, so my early-80s era grocery-getter Schwinn World Sport has been gathering dust. I decided to reincarnate her, make her useful for the winter. Great for riding in the wet, no shifters or derailleurs to get mucked up. 53x18 seems perfect so far in the flats, on small hills, even group rides. No special parts here, just a mess of mis-matched stuff scavenged off of ebay and other bikes. Converted the 7-speed Shimano 105 cassette freehub with a cheap spacer kit from Performance.

Dave in Fresno, CA


Schwinn World Sport - side view
Schwinn World Sport - drivetrain detail
Schwinn World Sport - rear hub detail
Schwinn World Sport - front angle view




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