Here's my 'quickie blue fixie'. I picked this bike up during a recent visit to Kansas City, at Acme Bicycle Company. If you make it to KC, make it a point to stop by...they have a whole shop full of vintage bikes, frames, and components. I felt like a kid in a candy store!

This is my bop around town bike. It's a lugged steel frame, and it appears to be Schwinn vintage. 39 x 15 fixed gear, dirty and sweet. I use it to chase the blues away!

Nancy and Scott: look out for Leprechauns! I'll be out riding!


Quickie Blue Fixie - side view
Quickie Blue Fixie - front end detail
Quickie Blue Fixie - rear angle view
Quickie Blue Fixie - drivetrain detail
Quickie Blue Fixie - nondrive side




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