A retired 1991 Klein Attitude Mountain Bike with mission control front end [after hanging as a frame for 10 -12 years] is resurrected into a single speed. Bontrager race X lite wheelset with slicks; Avid SL's; Brooks B17 saddle in green for clash factor; 16x36 rings; Thomson elite setback post.

Makes for a superb 20 pound (!) cruiser. I appreciate this bike so much more now as a single speed, then it's original incarnation. The "backfire" paint scheme is unlikely to appear again; very happy to have hung on to this one. Can't imagine a more responsive frame.

Thanks to Fred at Leucadia Cyclery for another great ride.



Klein Attitude - top down view
Klein Attitude - non drive side
Klein Attitude - drive side view
Klein Attitude - angled view
Klein Attitude - another angled view




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