Hi, I know the environment leaves a little to be desired, and there are no detail shots, I just wanted to get this bike up on the site because it so deserves to be... I will post more interesting shots with details and more interesting enviros at a later date. The bay area is where I live... so some nice shots will be forthcoming.

This is a 1962 Legnano Gran Premio that has been recently restored and set up as a single speed commuter bike. I had to have the seat post nut machined (thank you Bernie Mikkelsen), those of you with these early Legnano's know what I am talking about...

The gearing is 48/19 which seems to be just about right... this is my first fixie, and I love riding this bike - my other bike is Rivendell Bleriot, which for comfort can't be beat... But riding this is so much more fun (sorry Grant).

That's it for now, thanks for the great site!




Legnano - side view
Legnano - front quarter view
Legnano - rear quarter view




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