Frame: AREA 51 Columbus steel
Handlebars and Stem: SOMA Sparrow and Cinelli Alter
Fork and Headset: Fort USA Columbus SL cyclocross
Wheelset: Spinergy SPOX
Crankset and Bottom bracket: Bontrager Race cranks and TruVativ Gigapipe B.B.
Saddle and Seat Post: BELT (Tokyo, NJS) and Race Face
Pedals and Chain: LOOK Carbon and DuraAce
Cog/Gearing et cetera: Endless Bike Co. and FSA

My pride and joy.. I love this bike!!!

Supposedly, according the racer that commissioned the build (whom I bought it from) and verified with Dave Lundegard at Euro-Asia Importers, this is the only one of its kind. All the AREA 51 bikes were built to be an affordable in to the track market, all the frames were track frames. That is to say, all but mine, mine is the only cyclocross frame. It is basically the same as the track frames, but mine was custom built using long horizontal Campagnolo dropouts. Each and every frame was built by John Knox around 1999/2000 using NOS Columbus tubing, the same used on Schwinn Madisons (Aelle, I think) supplied by Euro-Asia. They supplied John with 50 to 75 sets of tubing and he developed the name, graphics, and paint colors. Eventually, as all good things must end, AREA 51 slipped away into history. The story doesnŐt end there, Euro-Asia original interest/plan to build affordable track frames would come full circle, hence the modern BAREKNUCKLE track frame is an extension of AREA 51. The two projects only share frame purpose, as BAREKNUCKLE frames are built in Italy and John Knox has basically disappeared.

Thanks for checking it out!




Area 51 Singlespeed - side view
Area 51 Singlespeed - head on view
Area 51 Singlespeed - top down view




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