This was my spring 2008 project, I'm pretty much a novice with working on bikes but I think it turned out well!

I got the 10-speed Schwinn Sprint (1980's ??) from a university campus surplus sale for ~$25 and used it for about 2 years as a geared bike for commuting to school (grad student) once or twice a week. Then I saw some SSs on campus and thought they were pretty cool so I stripped just about everything off, and re-installed just the front brake, chopped/flopped the handlebars and went from crusty black foam to nice bright red (Bontrager) bar tape. I ditched the old and heavily checked gum-walled tires for some new black 27s from my LBS (took some SOS pads to the lightly peppered rusty rims to get them to shine again). Crankset is Specialized 42t/175mm from Ebay; clipless pedals, 16t ACS freewheel, and red chain also from Ebay. Im currently looking for a black Brooks saddle, but right now even the used ones on Ebay are a little too rich for my budget and the original Schwinn saddle is ok.

With gas prices going the way they are I'm cyclommuting up to 4 or 5 times a week now on my "new" S4 (Schwinn Sprint Single Speed)!

Thanks, love your website, a real inspiration for future "projects".

Josh Kwekel




Schwinn Spring - front end detail
Schwinn Sprint - side view
Schwinn Sprint - drivetrain detail
Schwinn Sprint - red chain
Schwinn Sprint - bars detail




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