Here is my first Singlespeed Bike, codename: "Frank'ndale"

I bought the frame from an old pal of mine. It is a 58cm 1986 Cannondale frame (built on April 22,1986). I persuaded my brother to paint it for me (I discarded the steel fork for a Profile alumininum fork that was on sale) For many years I added parts to the bike as I upgraded other bikes. I read about building a SS last year and decided to get one of those kits with a tension wheel- after some tinkering I think I found the magic gear of 39 x 15 so I just ended up using the spacers on the freewheel. Most parts are Shimano 600: cranks, brakes, hubs, and seatpost. The wheels are off of a 1996 Trek. I tried to use old spare parts - but had to end up buying handlebars, brake levers, chain, and borrowing some pedals from another bike.

The gearing works fine for my area - but I might change it around in the future, maybe get a 15T or 16T SS Freewheel and find a track crank.

Nothing fancy with the pictures - just the front yard.

tom_waterman at yahoo dot com



Cannondale Frankendale - side view
Cannondale Frankendale - drivetrain detail
Cannondale Frankendale - drafter's view
Cannondale Frankendale - Serious Kickstand
Cannondale Frankendale - rear cog detail




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