I just built this about three weeks ago and haven't touched my road bike since. It's my 1990 Guerciotti with SLX tubing I bought when I first started working at a local shop here in Cincinnati. It's been in and out of retirement more than Brett Favre. I used stuff I had in a parts box, bought the freewheel and chain from a shop, and cannibalized a time trial bike for the remaining parts.

The stem is a Specialized FACT carbon, Profile bull horn bar, American Classic seat post and rear hub, my old San Marco Rolls saddle, 105 cranks, 105 brake lever, Tektro caliper, Profile SC carbon fork, and a 600 front hub on Mavic rim. I am hooked!!!!

Thanks for the great site!! Donation soon to follow.

Jon South



Guerciotti SLX - front end view
Guerciotti SLX - front angle view
Guerciotti SLX - rear angle view
Guerciotti SLX - side view
Guerciotti SLX - drivetrain detail




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