Here is my 1980s Nishiki Aero that I recently acquired from a workmate here in Japan, the reason I rescued the bike was the unique oval steel tubing which it has and the chrome Ayara aero 27 x 1 3/8 rims which are bullet proof, as when I received the bike it was in pretty bad condition due to the fact that it was in a crash that bent the front forks but not the front rim. After stripping the bike I decided to rebuild it as a single speed with a 50T to a 16T free wheel on the back. It originally was a 10 speed but once I had stripped it down I had some new spokes laced into some Sanshin hubs and fitted a half link BMX chain which meant I didnŐt have to fit a chain tensioner. The most difficult part was finding a pair of 27Ó forks but its great fun to ride and I wish I had built a single speed years ago.


Niigata City, Japan


Nishiki Aero - side view
Nishiki Aero - angle view
Nishiki Aero - crankset detail
Nishiki Aero - the "before" shot
Nishiki Aero - Interesting Chain Detail




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