Here are some photos of Trevor for the Single Speed Garage. He's a weird "Motobecane" Jury, which has nothing to do with the Motobecane of old, but is in this case a most peculiar frame with track ends, high BB, full fender braze-ons, and clearance for near-29er tires. I have decided that it is a Taiwanese version of the old British path racer concept, hence the name "Trevor Wong."

Put together mostly with parts from the Green Gopher, my Trek that never really quite fit me: Alien crankset, MKS GR-o pedals, Formula/Sun wheels, Nitto 115 bars, a stem from Carla W.'s Cross Check, some technical help from Wes O., one of my old Flite Trans ams, and Velo Orange fenders, racer sadly beat-up.

A tad heavy but rides very nicely; nothing like the lively little Bottecchia but a good stable worthy ride nonetheless. Despite the disparagement heaped upon him by some of our friends on the iBOB list, he will be a fine back-up bike and load-fetcher. Here are the pix!

-- Richard Risemberg



Motobecane Jury - Trevor Wong
Motobecane Jury - front end detail
Motobecane Jury - Trevor at the Fountain
Motobecane Jury - front angle view
Motobecane Jury - new handlebar setup




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