Hey, I love the website and have a few bikes that might be cool enough to be posted. I noticed that Bertin is a little underepresented. Here is a Bertin road bike that I picked up at a rummage sale a few years ago for $30. It has/had early Dura Ace brakes, levers and cranks; Huret shifters and derailers and Ideale saddle. I cleaned it up and made it into a single speed and hung it up in my garage for a few years. After I got ready for a new project, I sold it to a "hipster" in Austin. The sale paid for a great weekend, but the dura ace and huret parts were pristine - wish I'd sold only the frame!




Bertin - side view
Bertin - front angle view
Bertin - crankset detail
Bertin - front end detail




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