This is my daily commuter -- since fitted with a Planet bike fender for winter use.

Bike is nothing special -- a mid 1980's Schwinn Tempo. It had proper track bars and a nitto stem but after a left hook from a Chevy Impala it hit the ground along with my shoulder and I had to fix the bars and a few other things (such as part of my shoulder! Doh!). Flat bars are nice anyway to mix it up and the lack of diff hand positions is compensated for by greater flat area to mount more lights for safety at night. I run at least 3 front lights and minimum two in the back. Parts spec is mongrel; Fuji quill stem, ugly as heck, thick aluminum mountainbike bar, bmx brake lever, front brake off a 1500$ roadbike (for real... ha ha) and cheapo 165mm cranks that were on my Fuji track before it got upgrades. Surly dbl. fixed rear track wheel. Crappy front wheel. BMX chain. Cheaper than track chains and with the wind noise, once you get going you don't hear the difference!

Fixed gear running 43/17. there's a 20 tooth fixed cog on the other side from when I had that on another bike with a 52 tooth front ring. I haven't used it in a while, too lazy to take it off.

This thing gets me to work most days and to the bike shop for Friday Nights.

- Brian



Schwinn Tempo - side view
Schwinn Tempo - arty night shot




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