Hi again,

This is a TREK 8500 super light mountain bike ready to make the transformation. "any one know the year of this model" a friend of a friend was going throw it out, and I thought I would take it clean it up to see what was under all the dirt and grime, well surprise...

As you can see it's ready to have a few components added, I am looking at Truvativ GXP one speed crank set, up front and with a standard converter / spacer set up for the rear, I really like these because you can change the cog real quick.

I have also changed the top end to have the Thompson 100 mm stem with, you guessed it ProTaper bars, I really like the position and feel of these bars, any one else out there like them? Maybe it that motocross dirt bike feel, I don't know its very nice on long rides.

I will send more when complete.





Trek 8500 - front angle view
Trek 8500 - side view
Trek 8500 - front end detail
Trek 8500 - Singlespeed to be




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