Hi, Paul here from Bicton, Western Australia. Apologies for the large image - I hope you can scale it back ;-) (ed. note - Hey! No problem!)

Lovin' the pics on your site! I was looking for a "pure" road bike - the kind of bike I rode as a kid - no frills, lots of spills back then. I got talking to people that know, they told me about Fixies and Single Speeds - I'd not heard of the worldwide scene around these types of bikes. It was a mission of mine to create my own. Here's what I found in a garage sale last year. Hand built Cannondale frame dated 27 August 1988. The "Black Lightning" series.

I paid $20 (AUS) for it and decided to get it road worthy. Replaced tires / brakes / pedals that were missing. Changed the bars to a flaty. The gears worked for a while but I wasn't really digging the stem shifters when they started to slip alot - so here is why it went single speed.

Lot's of cheap bits chucked on, the front wheel is larger than the rear - that's the way it came. I couldn't afford a flip flop hub, so that's why it looks as it does. 52 upfront 18 rear, I think? The only luxury so far has been the Brooks B-17 seat.

The paint work is chipped in places, one day I may give it a new coat with decals. It goes really well, gives me fuzzy hands over the bumps with its steel forks but is a fast ride. Has reignited my passion for cycling. I use it for fitness and getting around town. I ride early in the morning as the sun rises.

The chicken stays at home...

Respect to all cyclists whatever your ride!

cheers Paul



Cannondale Black Lightning - side view with chicken




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