Here is my new everyday bike. I use it for everything except brushing my teeth.

It is a Cervelo P2 SL TT frameset. Thiefs like flashy things so I painted it black.

I like dynohubs, because I ride a lot at night. A SON20R gives me a low weight and low drag, no problems with LED lights, I build the wheel myself. Rims are the cheaper Mavic CXP28, 105 rear hub. Frontlight is a B&M Fly senso IQ 80 Lux version, which is really phenomenal in my humble opinion. Backlight is a dyno-powered B&M, I routed the cable throught the frame, using the unused frontshiftercable-hole in the downtube, the downtube is open around the bracket, from there I drilled a little hole in the seat tube, and also a hole in the seatpost (which can carry an elephant anyway).

Saddle is Brooks swallow classic with cromoly rails, it gives me a feeling of safety. Tires are Conti Grand Prix's, which are cheap, wear slowly and puncture resistance is very good, except maybe on the sides. Brakes are cheap Tiagra's, I don't really see te functional difference with more expensive ones...they work great to me. Front ring is 53, 18 in the back. works nice at my cruising speeds, between 28 and 34 km/h.

I used a half link to deal with the short horizontal dropouts, I have enough room for some chain stretch, which I won't let get too much anyway too get linger toothring-cog-life. Oh yeah, bracket is the older octalink type, 105 cranks, and pedals are cheap spd's, they work great of you buy the 1euro-adjustingment tool.

Thanks for your time!



Cervelo P2 SL TTT - side view
Cervelo P2 SL TTT - front end view
Cervelo P2 SL TTT - angley saddle




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