This is my 1983 Schwinn Traveler, that was given to me by a relative. I stripped it down to the frame, and repacked all of the bearings, installed some take off bullhorns $15, a Shimano BMX freewheel $25 (it is 40x16 now), one tire tube $5, and some white Velox cloth bar tape (not installed yet) $8. The tires where donated by friends. The seat came out of a junk box at my local bike shop $0. I actually like the way the seat clashes with the bike. Its comfy too. I put some different wheels on it that I had laying around, and sold the origonal front wheel for $25. This is the cheapest bike I have ever owned, and my first single speed, and I love it. It gets more miles then my $$$$ geared bike gets now. I generally ride in the city, and trails. Usually no more then 60 miles a day, two or three days a week, "steel is real". The picture of the bike setting on a bucket is from one of my favorite watering holes, and the other two are with the Des Moines River in the background.

Sean from Des Moines, Iowa

johnson dot sean at gmail dot com



Schwinn Traveler - non-drive side view
Schwinn Traveler - Gathered at the River
Schwinn Traveler - Up Against the Wall
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