Thank heavens that Nishiki bicycles "are not collectible", or at least that seems to be the word on the net. I love my 1985 Nishiki Prestige. I picked it up on Craig's List for $80 and it was fitted with the original Suntour Cyclone group (Sugino cranks). I converted it to a single speed recently and it shall remain my fair weather commuter and grocery-getter. The gearing is 38 x 16 (I have a few hills here in Colonie, NY). The saddle is a honey Brooks B17 copper, the saddle bag is from Velo Orange, and the handle bar tape is the Velo Orange perforated leather. I also added yellow stripes to the top tube to disguise some minor blemishes.

Andrew J. Smith
Colonie, NY




Nishiki Prestige - top down view
Nishiki Prestige - front end detail
Nishiki Prestige - non-drive side
Nishiki Prestige - front angle view
Nishiki Prestige - drive side view
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