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Labor Day Ride 2006:

In order of events. Couple of still photos tossed into the mix so you can see where things happened. If you really want to know where things happened, click on "Mapping the Adventure" and select "hybrid" view.

Flickr Photo Set - Mapping the Adventure - JimG's Photos - JimG's Real-Time Video

Heading to the Ride #1

Greenbrae Hill Descent

Heading to the Ride #2

Canal Bike Path - Corte Madera

Heading to the Ride #3

Camino Alto Descent

Railroad Grade

Bottom Section

JimG Catches Someone

Paved Part of Railroad Grade

Riding with Carlos - what it's like...

He disappears away again.

JimG Motorin' Upwards

Railroad Grade above West Pt Inn

East Peak, Mt. Tam

Dropping down from the parking lot

East Ridgecrest Descent

Following JimG & Carlos to the Rock Springs Trailhead

Rock Springs Descent #1

Dropping to Portrero Meadows

JimG Skirts Portrero Meadows

Still on Rock Springs Fire Road

Carlos Catches Up

End of the Meadows

Stork's Bike

Misjudged the Framing Angle...

Still Photo Timeline Reference:
Carlos Seems Very Happy Here

Rock Springs Descent #2

From JimG to Carlos

Rock Springs Descent #3

Sunnier Section to the Trail Divide


Still Photo Timeline Reference:
JimG Arrives


Rock Springs Descent #4

Down to Lake Lagunitas

Still Photo Timeline Reference:
V for Victory

Final Footage

We pick up Eldridge Grade towards Phoenix Lake



updated: September 7, 2006


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