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Bicycle Links : Last updated March 4, 2006

3/3/06 - Man - at the risk of this taking on the appearance of a are two more links which I keep having to dig out of the iBob Archives:

Perry Bessas' Photo Tour of Jitensha Studios
Tasteful photo essay of one of the treasures of cycling in the SF Bay Area

Powder Coat Gallery
Photo Gallery devoted to those who eschew repainting their frames


Stairwell Sisters
Old-timey, Clog-Dancin' music that makes me want to stage dive. No bicycle stuff here, but mp3's to check out. They cancelled their recent local show, but I hope to actually see them soon.


1/28/06 - Some pages I keep returning to:

Rob Hawks SF Randonneur Writeup
This link jumps you to the 2006 200K with particularly nasty & inclement weather
Rob's Main Cycling Page

JimG's Metablog Aggregator
A nice hack which allows you to easily access a number of cycling related blogs
JimG's Main Cycling Page


The Big Fix
Eric Norris will be involved in this cross-country fixed gear ride raising funds to fight Histiocytosis
Eric Also runs the Campy Only website, and has one of the first rev Quickbeams
Eric posted some videos of the wintertime-only Glory Hole at Lake Berryessa

KOG Owners Group
Matthew at Kogswell runs this discussion group about his line of reasonably priced lugged steel frames and classic designs.


The Original MTB?
A claim to fame or infamy from an Oregonder

Frappr for the iBobs
Help the government keep tabs on all the odd, cycle-promoting folks who populate the iBob list. Geo-location device for the list denizens.


iBob Gallery
Perry Bessas' iBob mugshot gallery. Send yours in!


Commuter Bicycles - Santa Barbara
Aside from snagging a very useful url, these folks seem to have the right idea.


Beth Hamon's CD
iBob/RBW list contributor from PDX. Wrenches on bikes, plays a guitar & sings. (Periodically, a finicky link for some reason)

1/3/06 - Note - This Links section is embarrassingly out of date - probably going back several years without serious pruning. I plan to do so before too long, so if you would like to have your site included, please send an email to me with the details. Thanks! In the meantime, here's a new one that I'm not sure where to place:
Moscow Cycling Club - Caravan

Moscow Cycling Club: Caravan
I found this following Sheldon Brown links to articles in Russian



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Some Favorites

Sheldon Brown's Home Page
Rivendell Bicycle Works

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Magazines & Media
B I K E M A G . C O M
Cycle Sport
Cycling News
Bike Reader
IMBA Interactive: Calendar
OLN - News from Northeast
CycleBase - Cycling News + Race Results

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Access issues

Marin County


Commuting Reference

Bike Station Palo Alto
Bikes on Transit - Santa Clara
Bicycle Parking Criteria, Racks & Lockers
Bicycle Commuter Advocacy
Bicycle Transportation Alliance - Oregon/SW Washington
Calif Bicycle Coalition Home Page
De Clarke's Transportation Alternatives
Marin County Bicycle Coalition
Marin Countywide Plan 2000
Share the Road

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General Reference

Building Bicycle Wheels by Sheldon Brown
Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Gear Calculator
Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Page
Spoke Length Calculator
United Bicycle Institute

Cycling Tech Talk Forum
GearHead Home

Rec.Bike FAQ
Tour of the Alps Gallery
Mount Diablo, south approach gradiants
Mountain Bike Forum :

Bicycle Product Recalls
Sports Related Recalls

Damon Rinard's Bicycle Tech Site

Asia Aluminum Extrusion Council
Holland Mechanics Wheelbuilding System

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UCI Cyclo-Cross
NCNCA Cyclocross
NCNCNA Cyclocross Photos
Old Town Cyclery (photo essay)
Central Coast Cyclo-cross
2000 Vineyard Cyclocross
2000 SSU Cross Race
Sonoma State Cyclocross 11/12/2000
CycloFiend - pictures from CX Nats 1999
American Cyclo-cross Foundation
Cyclocross in Europe/Veldrijden in Europa
CyclocrossBikes are... Deutsch page?
CX Strange Brakes
Empella Fietsen (foreign CX brakes)

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Single Speeds

Harris Cyclery -- Fixed-Gear Heaven
SingleSpeeds Anonymous
Singlespeed Bicycle Conversions
Outcast 'Zine
O N - O N E :: singlespeed stuff
BUSINESS CYCLES: Track Components


Bicycling : Magazine : Training : Workout Arc...
Ultracycling: Power for fast centuries
Ultracycling: Training for the Busy Ultracyc...
Workouts & Advice
The Fit Zone Sports Programs


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Lance Armstrong On-Line!
Official Home of Axel Merckx
Best Cyclists of the 20th Century
T D F - 2 0 0 0
83° Giro d'Italia
Sea Otter Classic 2001 | March 22-25, 2001 | ...
Solano Bicycle Classic


Sheldon Brown's Home Page
Rivendell Bicycle Works

vintage velos

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BOMB-Believers on Mountain Bikes
Bicycle Colorado
Boulder Cycling Homepage.
mountain bike headquarters home page
Tam Valley Bike Club
Texas Bike Coalition
Slug Velo - Portland
Sierra Spring Tour
Western Trailbuilders Association


alex wetmore's bicycle pages
Photos - faces of
Frank S @ Surf City
Chris Robertson Updates

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Online Stores
Best Bike Buys
Branford Bike
Cambria Bicycle Outfitters
Colorado Cyclist Online Store
Dan's BMX Online
Excel Sports Boulder
Fogdog Sports
Gear Goddess
Harris Cyclery
Jenson USA
Just Bike Stuff
Old Town Cyclery
Pacific Bicycle Online
Peter White Cycles
Plaine’s Bike Ski Snowboard
Speedgoat Bicycles
Supergo Bike Shops
Third Hand/Loose Screws
Wheel World
World Cycling Productions

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Frame Builders

Eisentraut Custom Frames
Simonetti Home Page

Bike Shops

American Rentals - SF
Blazing Saddles Bicycle Rental Centers
Bicycle Outfitter
Broken Spoke Bike Shop
Calmar cycles
Cambria Bicycle Emporium
Chain Reaction Bicycles
City Bikes Coop - Portland
CITY CYCLE of San Francisco
Cupertino Bike Shop
Freewheel - SF
Frisco Freestyle - SF
jitensha studio - Berkeley
Missing Link Sconepage
Ocean Cyclery - SF
Palo Alto Bicycles
Presidio Bikes
Rincon Cyclery - Santa Rosa, Califonia
Shaws' Lightweight Cycles
Village Peddler Bike Shop
Walt's Cycle and Fitness


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Manufacturer's Sites

Bouré Bicycle Clothing
Brooks Saddles
CamelBak® Zone
Ibis Bicycles
Kucharik Clothing
Shimano Cycling-Europe
Specialized Bicycles
Surly Bikes
Twofish Unlimited
Ultimate Bicycle Support

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Other Bike Links Pages

Pacific Bicycle - Links & Resources - Sorry! This site now offline!
Nelson's Bicycle Links
North Shore Mountain Biking Links
Bicyclopedia: A Comprehensive Free Online Enc...
Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Hardware Links
MountainBike World - Bike & Frame links


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