The pictures are of the first "production" Rivendell cyclocross bike (57.5cm). It appeared in Rivendell Reader number 8. I raced the bike for four seasons in Los Angeles and seemingly "won" the worlds largest collection of fifth place ribbons...

After a couple of seasons I had Joe Bell/Rob Robertson (great guys!) in San Diego add a second set of rear brake cable bosses so I could run a second set of levers on the bars. Now we have interrupter levers, an easier solution.

I stopped racing when I started business school and started riding larger Rivendell frames due to Grant's suggestions and back problems. I still enjoy riding road bikes on dirt! But the bike lives on...during the company Christmas party I sold the frame to a riding buddy. He turned it into a fixie (first picture below).

I use the wheels on my Rambouillet and the brake pads now have a home on my Quickbeam.




Rivendell Cyclocross - set up as fixed gear

Rivendell Cyclocross - side view
Rivendell Cyclocross - the way we used to run second levers
Rivendell Cyclocross - dual rear brake cable detail

UPDATE - 12/07


I recently found some of my cyclocross photos and had a few scanned (Rivendell cyclocross bike..#25 in your list). I know you don't publish pictures with people so no need to publish this one (I'll put it on Flickr) but I thought you might enjoy it. The wheels in this picture are now used on my Rambouillet, many other parts on another CX bike I am building. Thankfully the bike had a Suntour/WTB greaseguard bottom bracket!


Rivendell Cyclocross - at race speed


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