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#8 - Jeromy Hewitt's
Bontrager CX

- Updated 9/07

#4 - Tom Truong's
Della Santa

- revised 9/06

#1 - cx-Jim's
Lemond Poprad

- revised 12/05

Cyclocross Bicycle Photos

A good cyclocross race sits somewhere between an anarchist convention and the Sea Biscuit/War Admiral match race - pulsing throngs waving banners and howling like vikings. With inclement weather weeding out the weak, the folks who seem to populate these races are truly the devoted. Yet, the mood is suprisingly low key and inviting. Reminds me of the early days (1984 - 87) of mountain bike racing, when you could at least start the race just behind Tom Ritchey and Gary Fisher. Sure it's crazy. But, would you rather spend the winter down at the local 24 Git-Fit Center wondering who's sweat you are lying on?

The bicycles used for cyclocross racing have to strike the classic balance between strong and lightweight, and have to put up with more abuse through one season than most bikes see in a lifetime. They are purpose-built, but usually used for much more - trail riding, commuting, even touring. It's an all-around bicycle design that begs to be ridden.

However, it seems like the greetings on the trails are too fleeting, and the winter hoe-downs have too much else going on to really appreciate the individual bicycles. I've decided to try to bring together images of cross bikes so that others can enjoy them, as well as learn from the setups which work for others. That's what this page is about and that's where you come in. I need your cross bike photos!

So, send me what you're running!


#65 - Kevin Mulcahy's Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Roll
#64 - Esteban Diaz's Trek 700 Conversion
#63 - Jim Mather's Rivendell Legolas
#62 - Rick's Motobecane Cross
#61 - J. D. Kimple's Mongoose Croix Comp
#60 - Andrew VonSeggen's Salsa A La Carte
#59 - Michael Gibian's Haro Mary XC
#58 - Daniel Cuellar's Scattante XRC Cross

#57 - Paul Germain's Bontrager Fillet-brazed Cyclocross

Bicycles Submitted in 2009 - Total: 9
#56 - Stinus Bertelsen's GIOS CX
#55 - lleadd's Vetta CX
#54 - Gernot Huber's Independent Fabrications PX Shimergo
#53 - Charlie Lawrence's Waterford X-22 pet picture!
#52 - Jonathon Coupe's Paul Milne CX
#51 - Karen Metcalfe's Bianchi Roger (singlespeed!)
#50 - Stinus Bertelsen's Surly Crosscheckpet picture!
#49 - Maxie's Rivendell Legolas
#48 - Gino Zahnd's Rawland Sogn

Bicycles Submitted in 2008 - Total: 13
#47 - John Speare's Bridgestone RB-T
#46 - Lau Ackerman's Rock Lobster (singlespeed!)
#45 - Steven Godbey's Steelman CycloCross
#44 - Johann Kuester's Junker/Klunker/Crossbike
#43 - Elias Rodriguez's Kelly Knobby-X
#42 - Spencer Baker's Redline Conquest
#41 - Doy Dulce's Cycle Pro
#40 - J.D. Kimple's Crossed-up Bianchi Advantage
#39 - Leon Evan's Dawes
#38 - James Bailey's Centurion Pro Tour
#37 - L. Krisch's Surly Crosscheck
#36 - Alan Davis' Voodoo Wazoo (singlespeed!)
#35 - Stinus Bertelsen's Faggin (singlespeed!)
#34 - Surfvivor's Bob Jackson (singlespeed!)

Bicycles Submitted in 2007 - Total: 15
#33 - Montana Gramps' Cross Ride
#32 - J.D. Kimple's Schwinn Traveller
#31 - Brad Wilson's Capri-Cross
#30 - Brandt Peterson's Voodoo Wazoo
#29 - Jim Bailey's Bianchi Cross Project (singlespeed!)
#28 - Patrick Murphy's Gitane Tour de France
#27 - Patrick Murphy's Bianchi Axis
#26 - Ben Micklem's Raleigh Pioneer Trail SE
#25 - Angus Lemon's Rivendell Cyclocross
#24 - Reagan Ward's Tsunami CX
#23 - Richard Deandrea's Independent Fabrications Planet Cross
#22 - Rodd Heino's True North Cross Bike
#21 - Joe McManus' Bianchi San Jose (singlespeed!)
#20 - Don Heckler's Richard Sachs Cross
#19 - Eric Matthies Ibis Hakkalugi

Bicycles Submitted in 2006 - Total: 11
#18 - Joe McManus' Cannondale Optimo Cross
#17 - Bill Connell's Surly Crosscheck
#16 - Joe McManus' Planet X Kaffenback Cross

#15 - Erik Brooks' Soma Cross

#14 - Hans Stoops's Bianchi Cross
#13 - Tim's Tom Stevens Cross
#12 - Jim G's Fuji Cross
#11 -Walter Skrzypek's Bianchi Project Cross
#10 - Walter Skrzypek's Surly
#9 - Walter Skrzypek's Bianchi
#8 - Jeromy Hewitt's Bontrager CX
- Updated 9/07

Bicycles Submitted in 2005 - Total: 7
#7 - Ed Braley's Litespeed Appalachian
#6 - Cary Gossett's Moots
#5 - Cary Gossett's Agave
#4 - Tom Truong's Della Santa
- revised 9/06
#3 - Juan Marmol's Kelly
#2 - Russell Jobs' Gunnar & Gunnar pet picture!
#1 - cx-Jim's Lemond Poprad
- revised 12/05
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