Ibis Catalogs & Ephemera: 1989 Model Year Dealer Info


1989 Model Year - Dealer Info
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Ibis Avion
Ibis Avion pricing & specs
Ibis Avion SS
Ibis Alvion SS pricing & specs
Ibis Custom  pricing & specs
Ibis Cousin It Tandem
Ibis Cousin It Tandem  pricing & specs
Ibis Uptube Tandem
Ibis Uptube Tandem  pricing & specs
Ibis Mt. Trials
Ibis Mt. Trials  pricing & specs
Ibis Trials Comp
Ibis Trials Comp  pricing & specs
Ibis Etcetera
Ibis Etcetera order form
Ibis 1989 Wholesale Price List
This section was graciously scanned and submitted by
Joel Metz -


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