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Rivendell Weekend #2 - Group Photo - 12/31/07

I've offered to host any photos that people may have from the Rivendell Weekends - This image (click it for a larger version) was the Riv Weekend #2 group photo, supplied by Angus L. If you have photos please email them (or mail them - I can scan them) to me for inclusion.

Rivendell Weekend #2 - Group Shot

Photos from the Rivendell Weekend #3 can be found here

Muddy Cross - 12/31/07

Angus L. sent me this photo a while ago, and I wasn't really sure what to do with it. Normally, I don't put in photos with recognizable people, but then again, a photo like this is too cool not to use. Besides, it also shows a Rivendell at what it does best and enjoys most - being ridden! To anyone who says that Rivendells just get garaged, here's an excellent example to refute that statement. If you click here (or click the photo), you'll get some closer images of the bike - one of the few "pre-Legolas" Rivendell CX models. There's also a bigger sized version of this image.

Angus Lemon's Rivendell CX


RBW Article by Matt Isaacs in Diablo Magazine - 11/28/07

Matt forwarded this to the iBob list:

"Thought I'd forward this article I wrote for a regional magazine in Walnut Creek called Diablo, a glossy for the upper crust in the area. This was a long time coming, years actually, from when I first began talking to Grant about this.

Anyway, I'm pasting the link:

Keep in mind this is was written for an audience who largely knows nothing about bikes. Enjoy."

"Enjoy" indeed - does this look like a man who's enjoying himself?

The Running Man
Click to View Article online


Toyo in Town - 10/4/07

Well, it seems that the fine folks from Toyo wisely hightailed it out of Las Vegas after Interbike - heading west to the lands of Walnut Creek. From their blog, it seems they had a good time at the show, and enjoyed the follow up visit to RBWHQ&L, where they had a chance to meet about the Rivendell Bombadil 650B mtb project - this photo was found on their blog. (Note - the links will take you to a Google Translation (Beta) version of their site.)

Bombadil Prototype #2 - from the Toyo Blog

Well worth wading through the rough translations. And there are pictures too! Make sure you go back an entry or two once you get to the site - it will continue to be (beta) translated while you are there.

Evolution of a Website - 1998 to 2007

I'm not really sure what put me onto this - I think I was looking for some older references on another project, and while I was at the Internet Wayback Machine, plugged in the url for Rivendell. I'm not doing this for any other purpose other than general curiosity. The webbernet changes so damned fast and incrementally that most of the time we just don't notice it. I find it interesting to peer back occasionally (of course, I was a history major...). It also goes to show you that kites which you float on the winds of cyberspace don't just disappear when the string snaps.

I remember all of these, and think there was even an earlier one which I didn't see in the archives. For some reason, posting these here compels me to comment - more as "notes to self" on the design at the time.

We begin in 1998 - Nice clean interface, no heavy front-ending graphics to slow things down (as we were cutting edge with a 56K modem...), tasteful use of columns to keep everything "above the fold" -

Rivendell Website circa 1998

1999 finds some navbar implementation - the "NEW" pop-n-fresh graphic hangs around still, but they've moved beyond the green ball syndrome. Again clean and workable, though a fair amount runs down offscreen.

Rivendell Website circa 1999

2000 - The yellow background is a bit kinder on the eyes, but does have the echo of Sheldonism about it. The navbar runs along the top (and the missing graphics is just a problem in the archive - it worked just fine). Judicious use of photos is nice (there were three - again, two lost in the archive) and still kind to those who don't use DSL or Cable connections. The columns reappear, letting us get a teaser to most topics without having to scroll.

Rivendell Website circa 2000

2001 brought kind of a clumsy step - an awkward adolescent age if you will - it was an attempt to wrangle the seriously increasing amount of content into a single screen. It worked, but the big honking blue buttons always struck me as a bit jarring.

Rivendell Website circa 2001

But that fairly quickly became the 2003 version - really a clean, contemporary design, with big front-end photos that rotated randomly. It sat nice and pretty in the middle of the screen and had a color scheme to the navigation tabs. This was a big jump forward, started to favor folks who had a bit more bandwidth than dial-up and became what most people thought of when they imagined the Rivendell site.

Unfortunately, it seemed to become problematic as far as updates were concerned. This led to alternative modes of releasing photos, and ultimately, this section of this site - as I tried to capture the photos and wrangle them into one place for my own use. Somewhere in there, the search functionality started to fail, which was frustrating if you couldn't find your way back to a topic or article.

This one was with us through 2006 and most of this year as well. I guess it was supposed to be user friendly for easy updates, but it didn't seem to pan out that way. It also rendered ugly as heck on my system.

Rivendell Website circa 2006

Which brings us to today - Everything is right up front and easy to find. The search function works and - this cannot be underestimated - it's up to date in the store. Also, they've been able to update the "Rivendell Notes" and "View through the Knothole" a number of times. It also passes what my personal benchmark - the clean interface test. Just to expound upon that for a second... A simple design is probably the most powerful, as it enables a maximum amount to be done with a minimum amount of dinking around. Think of the basic google page, as an example. Compare that to what Yahoo! tacks onto the basic search page, or what most of the other ones used to.

Rivendell Website circa 2007

Riv Sightings on the Interwebs - 9/17/07


CityCycling UK decides they are partial to the Saluki in butterscotch -

Saluki on City Cycling UK


FixedGearGallery runs a page of PBP fixed gear bikes, capturing a nice photo of Eric "Campy Only" Norris's Quickbeam (you'll need to scroll a bit to see it at photo #6) -

Eric's PBP Quickbeam on FGG


And, finally, another tremor in the 650B-on-the-Trails movement, to which a certain GP responds (again, you'll need to scroll down a bit to the comments section)



Lucious Paintingly Goodness from Keith Anderson - 9/6/07

These are two of several paint prep and process photos which were shared over on the Framebuilders list by Keith Anderson. Since there seem to be some Rivendell frames in the bunch, I thought I'd get linky wid it here. These are the "bookends" in the series - there are a few more in between. Check 'em out!

Keith Anderson Painting - RBW starts here

Keith Anderson Painting - last RBW in the series


Vital Country Bag Capacity Information - 9/4/07

Country Bag In Action

Gino provides "real world" Country Bag capacity information (more)...

RBW at PBP 2007

Click for Rob's Picasa album photos

I was skimming through some of Rob Hawks' photos from the 2007 Paris-Brest-Paris and noticed one fellow who had a singularly nice rig - waving the Riv Colors while atop what I'm guessing was a Rambouillet - came in under the 90 hour (for 1200 km!) time limit. A fine ride in significantly adverse conditions.

So - who is that mystery man?

STOP THE CLOCK! - Within 15 minutes of this post, I received an email ID'ing this as Larry Powers.

Rob's PBP Album


Rivendell Production Frame Geometry Charts - 8/22/07

One of the things which does not now reside in the new Rivendell website is the selection of frame geometry charts (other than the A. Homer Hilsen).

So, I pulled the old charts off of the Internet Wayback Machine's archive from mid-2007, and have landed them here in aggregated form. It's a little quick & dirty, but other projects on in the fire this week.

Rivendell Production Frame Geometry charts


The End and Beginning of a New Era - 8/20/07


The Rivendell Site Is Dead!

Long Live the NEW RIvendell site!

Nice job Mr. Zahnd!

All the News That Fits In Print - 8/10/07

Momentum MagazineA bit of free press slung the way of Rivendell - cover story on the newest Momentum Magazine. I was not aware of the publication, but it was a nice article focusing on S24O's, interviewing Grant. It seems to be issue #29, so as usual, I'm reasonably off the back.

Nice to see a sparkly blue A. Homer Hilsen hanging out there as well.

Thanks to RBW list-member Allen who spotted this.

If you want a version to read other than in front of your monitor, there's a downloadable pdf version on the site.

Seeing the reasonably established publication made me wonder what else I'd missed recently, prompting me to poke around the web a bit while waiting for the coffee to brew, and I came across some recent Rivendell-centric mentiions in a few blogs and some other things. In no particular order (and in some cases, things I've seen before, but couldn't find an easy link to) -

- gordon the bikeguy (more a b-stone ref)
- historian on two wheels (which devolves into a bit of a stereotypical argument in the comments section)
- an article in biztactics which is reasonably light (and incorrect) on factual content
- did'ja know there was a GP wikipedia entry? and of course, there's one for RBW
- january 2007 mp3 GP interview link via bikescape
- rich l's "Hands On Wheels" page


Kickstand Plate Specifics - Photos & Description

There was a bit of suprise when I ID'd the frames over on the Toyo blog by the existence of a kickstand plate. Before I could even pose the actual question to the folks in Walnut Creek, GP forwarded over some detail photos of the kickstand plate, as well as a description - I've stashed it over on the A. Homer Hilsen page.

Kickstand Plate Specifics


A Glimpse Behind the Magic Curtain - Toyo's blog photos

Sharp-eyed RBW Group Member Ed Felker tips the list to these photos which appeared on the Toyo Blog - If your Japanese language skills are anywhere near mine, you'll need the Google (Beta) translated version. But, the photos show raw A. Homer Hilsen frames brazed up and getting ready for painting. Click the photo to jump to the Google (Beta) translated version of the page.

Toyo Blog Image - click to see post

The origianal blog post is here


Scan-O-Rama Part 3 - The Rivendell Women's Survey

This was the third thing that I'd been wanting to archive for wider distribution - the Rivendell "Women Only" Survey which appeared in Rivendell Reader #37.

There has been some interesting discussion regarding the need for high quality, classic bicycles which will work for women riders. I'm not sure if this survey will help (and it's already past the cancel date for the Riven-dollars), but perhaps some people will be spurred to send it to RWHQ&L - maybe with a letter adding any other concerns which weren't asked about here.

One of the scariest things in marketing or product development is a bunch of men sitting around trying to figure out "what women want." So, maybe this can continue to be a valid reference for Rivendell.

I happen to think that the care with which the RBW folks approach fit - as well as their core beliefs on the subject - go a long way to getting a wider variety of people comfortably set up on bicycles. But, then again, I'm male, and relatively average in terms of fit issues. Maybe they need a specific "women's set-up package" for the Bleriot - a shorter stem, different saddle, etc. - or there might be enough demand for a specific frame option with a shorter top tube. I reckon it'll take folks asking for it before it happens.

RBW Women's Survey - Page 1



Scan-O-Rama Part 2 - The Whole "603" Thing

Someone on the RBW Owner's Bunch list made reference to the 603 wheel size, and based on some follow-up comments, it appears that some folks were unaware of the idea or the project. It's one of those topics which verges dangerously close to core beliefs and seems to invite polemics. My hope is that by including the entire article from Rivendell Reader #35, the points can be taken within their context.

So, rather than seeing this as an argument for another wheel size, and beginning a discussion as to whether that may or may not be needed, perhaps it's best approached as food for thought, and a way to make limited-use bicycles into useful, contributing members of bicycle society. Or you could just get a Hilsen, which solves clearance issues quite nicely, IMO... ;^)

Click on the image to get a pretty reasonable sized scan, and the "click for hi-rez" to get a high resolution version of the same page.

603 Wheelsize - page 2 603 Wheelsize - page 3
click for hi-rez click for hi-rez click for hi-rez
603 Wheelsize - page 4 603 Wheelsize - page 5  
click for hi-rez click for hi-rez  

Scan-O-Rama Part 1 - A. Homer Hilsen Announcement

I'd been meaning to get the A. Homer Hilsen announcement from RR#38 scanned onto the Hilsen page. Finally sat down and had a little scanning marathon to get some pertinent pages into the archives.

Here's step one - the A. Homer Hilsen:

A. Homer Hilsen - click for more


Jack Brown - "Blue" - First Published Photos - 6/27/07

Jack Brown Tire Photos and more - click here

All sorts of cool developments on the Jack Brown Tire front... Just got a few photos of the new Jack Brown "Blue" version - like a Ruffy Tuffy in that it has a stronger casing, an extra .5mm (to 2mm) tread thickness, and a kevlar belt. More info...


Pedal Pictures Provided for your Perusal - 6/22/07

After a bit o' discussion on various pedals and designs, I ended up with a set of pedal photographs from Rivendell, showing some measurements of the various designs they carry. A good reference & there are some pretty good-sized photos. That stuff is now all here.

Pedals and Measuring Tape - a Photo Essay - click here

Rivendell Lug Calendar Scans on - 6/20/07

Big tip o' the mouse to Joe B., who forwarded this info from the CR List:

"Back in 1999 Rivendell Bicycle Works published a 24 month (2000-2001) calendar showing beautiful photographs of a variety of lugs. This was something you just don't throw away at the end of the year. I emailed Grant Petersen to ask if these photos would ever be published on the Rivendell website, but he said it wasn't going to happen in the near future. When a question came up on the CR list regarding the identity of an unknown bottom bracket, a couple of the responses led me to look at that old calendar again. Anyway, I emailed Grant again, asking if it would be okay if I scanned the calendar and posted it on Wooljersey. He thought it was a good idea, to go ahead.

So here it is:

- John B"

Rivendell Bicycle Works Lug Calendar Scans - click here


Product Preview (Except they have 'em now) Wool Jersey & "Stubby Hat" - 6/17/07

Got a nice email from RBW-Mark over the weekend, and in addition to photographic evidence that Rich's sliced finger had healed since the RBW Weekend, he passed along a few images of some new clothing that's - wait for it - ready to ship now.... A wool jersey in a nice, subdued olive and red, as well as a "stubby" cap with either RBW and A. Homer Hilsen logos. Click on the image for more info.

Rivendell Short Sleeved Jersey - click for more info

Stubby Hat - click for more info

"Grant Peterson Ride" photos posted on Flickr - 6/13/07

Those Portlanders have all the fun!

This actually seems to have taken place on the 10th (and there may be another scheduled for the future), but someone with a working tongue and cheek orchestrated a ride with this description up in Stumptown...

"Calling cyclists of Bridgestone, Rivendell, and similar lugged-steel steeds with a taste for tweed, shellac, cork, and francophile tires... the Grant Petersen ride will be a rolling bike show with plenty of interesting discussion. Good natured curmudgeons gladly suffered. Grouchy know-it-alls will be dropped. No lycra."

And thank goodness, someone was there to snap some photos:

Grant Peterson Ride Photos on Flickr

There are more to see if you click the photo above - click here to jump to the slideshow version


Another Interesting Photo Blog from Japan - 6/12/07

Big thanks to Ron L. for sharing this over to the RBW List - a gorgeous photo of an orange Canti-Ram* in the wilds of Japan

Canti-Rom on a ramble - click for original photo

As my Japanese language skills are reasonably non-existant, I've relied once again on the translation function of Google (Beta Japanese to English) to wrangle the text - you can see the results here. I'd recommend visiting the site, as there are some interesting photos of country-rambles, along with more photos of this (and other) bicycles.

*Canti-Ram = Rivendell Rambouillet with cantilever brakes.


Quickbeam Rear Rack Issues - 6/11/07

It seems that the lower tabs on the Nitto Rear Rack can be a problem for easy rear wheel removal. Original post, other experiences and more on the Quickbeam page.

Quickbeam Rear Rack Issue


"State of the List" Report #1 - 6/1/07

The first of what will be a semi-regular update on the state of the Rivendell Bicycle Works Owners Bunch list - posted to the list on Google Groups or viewable here.


Grant Peterson Interview Links

This interview which originally appeared in November of 2006 popped up again in a search I did last evening, and although I think it has been mentioned from time to time, it bears a little reminder -

Interview with Grant Peterson on by Gino Zahnd

There were also a couple of podcast'd interviews -

Sheldon Brown's Podcast I-view at the 2006 Interbike Trade Show

Bikescape's Podcast from January, 2007

And appropos of utterly nothing, did you know that Rush wrote a song called Rivendell?

Rivendell Weekend Photos - 5/19-20

Quick & dirty page of photos from the 3rd Annual Rivendell Weekend, May 19-20 up on Mt. Diablo. More stuff to come, but I'm tired tonight...

Grant on the Trail

Of course, it goes without saying that if you were there, and got some good photos, send me the link!

Update #1 -
Some edited photos have migrated to a Flickr set. Plus, John @ Riv sent over the o-fish-all group photo and rumors of a patch:

RBW Weekend #3 - Group Photo

Update #2 -
The rest of the photos have migrated over to Flickr - they are now gathered into an RBW Weekend #3 Collection

RBW Weekend Photo Collection - click here


Other Photo Sets from the Rivendell Weekend #3:

TandemHearts Gallery

Sue's Photos

Gino's Photoset on Flickr

Cesare's Photo Album on Picasa


Mixte Trail Work - 5/17/07

Another nice panorama of trails in the Mt. Diablo region. This photo in response to an RBW Owners Bunch question about the suitability of mixte designs for the trail. Here Tetsu from Toyo swoops through a stretch of singletrack.

Tetsu from Toyo on Mt. Diable Singletrack
click for full-size

Just to editorialize for a moment...looks pretty danged trail-worthy to me!

Grant passes along some more feedback:

"The mixtes are strong enough for just about any trail riding (short of things you're supposed to hike over), and have been ridden a lot on the local trails. They're not mountain bikes, but a semi-skillful rider can do a lot with them. Here's a picture of Tetsu Ishigaki of Toyo on a recent ride, on a 56 Wilbury. He lead up most of the hills and all of the descents, riding Col de la Vie tires (about 36mm). On Fatty Rumpkins he'd do even better. The clearances allow up to about a 44mm tire. The latest Schwalbe fits, but not by a lot (like a 700x25 in a carbon road fork!).

"A month ago a reporter from Dirt Rag came by, and we went for a ride--she on a 50 Glorius. I ride these trails actively (all the time...) and she left me behind on the downhills. It didn't hold her back.

"Mark here rides these trails on 32s and 33.333333333333333333333333333s now--on a bike that by mountain bike standards is foolishly unsuitable.

"The current stock of mixtes (last with the superfancy lugs that have a 50 percent reject rate in casting because of the fanciness; the ones our Japanese painter refuses to paint, the ones we're never going to use again) is getting low enough to consider another order, for delivery in 7 months or so. Maybe we'll use a wider crown, or bent-out chainstays like the Atlantis has. Not sure about that.



Rivendell Bag Capacity Spreadsheet - 5/14/07

GP sent over a pdf spreadsheet of most of the Rivendell-sold bag capacities. Capacities of listed bags are given in cubic inches, cubic centimeters and peanuts. Click on the image below to download the info.

Rivendell Bag Capacity Spreadsheet - click for PDF version
(requires Adobe Acrobat reader)



Toyo Frames Visit RBW - 5/1/07

Toyo Frame Blog - Visit to RBW
Big tip o' the mouse to JimG, who forwarded this post to the Toyo blog regarding a recent visit to the RBWHQ&L. Click on the image to go directly to the page.

This should give you a translated version courtesy of google's Japanese to English (beta) translator. Make sure you go for and aft a bit to see other day's entries regarding a visit to D&D paint works and a ride up on Mt Diablo. Although the phrase is oft overused - Way Cool!

Direct link to Toyo blog post -

TinyUrl link to Translated Toyo blog post -

But wait! There's more...

5/3/07 - The Toyo visit to Walnut Creek finishes off with a post that includes this closer photo of the Rivendel Bombadil 650B trails and mountain machine:

Rivendell Bombadil - courtesy of Toyo

It looks like the fork dimensions may be in a slightly more experimental state, as it does not appear to be painted. Nice looking low rake. And, the sharp-eyed among you will notice the excellent presentation of the chocolate-dipped macaroons n the center of the meeting table. Yummy!

And although at first pass, it appeared that the Toyo post included a photo of the hinted-at RBW Tandem, it seems that it was a photo of Grant's Mercian tandem.

Since my previous Google Translaton link was specific to the first entry, I've created this link which will translate the Toyo Blog page.

Toyo Blog auto-translate -


"What do those Nigel Smythe Bags looks like when they aren't made out of tweed...?" - 4/26/07

A request for photos of the canvas fabric Nigel Smythe bags resulted in a few photos forwarded from the folks at Rivendell .

Examples of Canvas Nigel Smythe Bags
update 5/07 - PDF Spreadsheet of bag capacities here


A Homer Hilsen Clearance Connundrum - 4/24/07

In a recent RBW Owners Group posting, a person was encountering tire clearance issues on the Hilsen. This seemed a bit odd, as the Hilsen has some frighteningly stantial clearance. My guess (and guess is the operative term...) is that it could be related to pinching down slightly oversized fenders.

GP hisself was kind enough to forward some photos over, with some notes. I've got them over on the A. Homer Hilsen Page.

Head over to the Hilsen page


Quickbeam Page Added - 4/19/07

Quickbeam Page - Click here

A post on the iBob list regarding shifting systems on the Quickbeam spurred me to create a Quickbeam page for the RBW section. There are links to the Quickbeams in the Single Speed and Current Classic Galleries, in addition to scans of the original Quickbeam announcement in RR#27.


650B MTB Gains More Momentum - 4/17/07

Click for full-size image

The most recent BRAIN (Bicycle Retailing And Industry News) had this little blurb about the continuing development of 650B/584 offroad tires. RBW gets a minor mention, along with what seems to be a growing group of folks developing products for this wheelsize option. It would be interesting if the thing which really kicked 650B into widespread use was a mountain bike application.


Special Preview - Rivendell Jack Brown Tire Debut

Jack Brown Tire

Another product prevew - courtesy of an email from GP himself! Sort of an uber-Rolly-Polly.


Special Preview - Rivendell Grip King Pedal

Rivendell Grip King Pedal

Hot off the mojo wire on a Friday night... here are the first photos I've seen of the Rivendell Grip King pedal which was line-drawing-rendered in Rivendell Reader #39


RBW List v 2.0 - A Google Group - 3/25/07

Now I've gone and done it... Since the RBW has officially ceased its broadcast, I've created the RBW Owners' Bunch on Google Groups. You can view postings online or subscribe via an email feed. This will not be directly affiliated with Rivendell Bicycle Works, but will let the Rivendell-specific discussion continue. So, if that appeals to you, sign up and join in!

Google Groups Beta
Subscribe to RBW Owners Bunch
Visit this group Now Redirects - 3/20/07

It looks like the links listed below, as well as the site iself, have been changed to redirect to a more refined looking RBW website - So, for Riv-frame geometries, go to the RBW page and click on "Weights & Measures"

Of course, if you have some familiarity with file structures, you'll find that the /PDF directory has more resources.

Among which is a laundry list of downloadable geometry tables.


RBW List - To Be No Longer? - 3/17/07

John at Rivendell has announced that they will no longer be participating in the RBW list at More info regarding a renaming or replacement list as it becomes available.


Protovelo Frames to be sold off - 2/7/07

Protovelo Framesets

According to the RBW website, it seems there are a number of "Protovelo" framesets kicking around the HQ - there are enough of them that they state they will be selling them off. What this means and doesn't mean is best read here.

UPDATE 2/14/07 -
Frames are now listed on the RBW Protovelo Page. Looks like some Saluki-esque stuff and some 700c's, mostly by Mark Nobilette. But, don't email or call about them or you'll cause the price to increment...


Touch Up Paint Tips - 2/5/07

Testor's 2135 Interior Blue Green

Touch Up Paint recommendations have grown - they have been moved here


One new and one new-ish all-wool Woolistic jersey - 11/18/06

Cream & Candy Stripe
  Blue-Grey Long Sleeved Jersey

"Both are Woolistic brand, made just for us and nobody else. These are cut nicely for fit folks, and everybody else, buy up a size or TWO. Seriously. I/Grant wear a large regular dress or t-shirt, and IÕm 5-10 x 185lb. 42 Regular jacket. I like a bit of looseness but nothing super baggy, and in these I wear a 3X. Mark, on the other hand, wears a medium or small, and thatÕs what he generally wears in all shirts. So it depends how you like them to fit. They donÕt shrink much, but they do shrink some. Best way to wash: Cold or warm, gentle cycle. After the spin cycle, lay flat on a towel and let it dry overnight. It wonÕt kill them to dry them on warm, but theyÕll shrink a bit more, and whatÕs the hurry? Both jerseys are quite attractiveÑmore so in real life than in these photos. The cream one is a reproduction of a jersey we had made for Bridgestone way back in those days. It doesnÕt say Bstone on it, itÕs not an official Bstone jersey. IÕm just saying we had some made like it, and everybody who sees it wants one. Now itÕs their time to pony up! Our prices are quite competitive, and our stock is low. Well, itÕs not low to us, but given the number of sizes we stock, we donÕt have a lot of depth. Six of these, ten of those, things like that. If you buy as a gift, buy UP in size if you have any doubt. All merino wool, of course. Short zip in front, three pockets in back. Nice detais. Made in China, super quality."

For order info - click here

"The Return of Legolas" - 11/1/06

2nd set of Legolas CX Photos linked on the Cyclofiend Blog.

The Archer

This time Veronica from is the proud owner. She's set hers up as a double-century devouring light-n-fast long-distance demon. Read her story here. See the pictures here.


Legolas Photos on the Cyclofiend Blog - 10/15/06

Of course I wish it was mine, but Matt I. posted the first Legolas photos I've seen to an Imageshack animation.

Beautifully rendered, seriously lust-worthy cyclocross frame.

See it here.


Bleriots continue to populate the Current Classics Gallery

- The First Bleriot to Appear -

More Bleriot photos keep getting added, so the best place to find them is via the Bleriot page -

General 650B photo listing here

and holy moley! - there's a Bleriot Owners Group on Yahoo

How far can you fling a Bleriot? This one joins the gallery from Malaysia!


A Couple o' Brochure Downloads - 6/28/06

Just because I like the bike, here's a copy of the Saluki Brochure (2006 version) which I downloaded.

I also seem to have come across this jpg of the Atlantis flyer. I think someone posted the link which caused it to be downloaded to my computer.

Eye Catching Wool for Summer - 5/10/06

Rivendell Orange/Grey Jersey ss

Mark shows off the short sleeved orange/grey wool jersey.


These Spy Photos were Posted on the Rivendell Preview Page

In early 2006, an internal "teaser" page popped up on the Rivendell website. On it appeared prototypes of a Silver Cantilever brake and some other photographs. Before they disappeared, I snagged a copy of the image below (and a couple other photos down here), It neither liked to be tracked by, nor did it stay the same for too long. The end result gave rise to this page - as interesting "behind-the-scenes" shots appeared, I'd nab 'em and aggregate them on this page.

After a while, folks started sending more photos, and the gang over at RBW has provided a few as well. So, this page began taking on a bit of a life of its own. It's changed a bit, and I've tried to further aggregate info about specific models onto their own pages.


XTR vs Silver Canti Prototype

XTR versus Silver Canti PROTOTYPE


But, what the heck is this?



Other Photos from the RBWHQ&L* Secret Files-

Steve on the Snowy Curve
Tetsu from Toyo on Mt. Diable Singletrack
Winter Trails - 2006
Snow On The Mountain - 2006

Tetsu from Toyo on Singletrack - 2007


*RBWHQ&L = Rivendell Bicycle Words Headquarters and Lair (pronounced in your best Dr. Evil accent...)


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Print Clippings - Page Scan Request - RR#29
Click for a big, big, big version of this article
Nice little Industry-mag article on the RBW/QBP project

Click here to see a large version of this, which links to a hi-rez version.
Page Scan Request - RR#38
2006 Winter Catalog Scans
Bags for Bicyclers
Rivendell Bombadil Prview
in Dirt Rag Magazine

RR#38 - page 32 & 33

A Really Good Article about the bendy bits of bicycle handlebars

Fall 2006 - Bags for Bicyclers
Featuring the highbrow stylings of Nigel Smythe & Sons, British Bagmakers

RBW "Official"
Capacity Spreadsheet
(click image to download)

Rivendell Bag Capacity Spreadsheet - click for PDF version
(requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Bombadil 650B Mountain Bike - Preview Article
You should already subscribe to Dirt Rag, even if you barely nick trails on your rides. It's continued for this many years, managing to stay true to its roots and deftly sidestep the hype. If you read the article, please consider following through and trying out the magazine.

Back when the site had a pdf directory, I nabbed a pdf download of the proposed spec sheet. Now, you can find this on the RBW website under "Weights & Measures"

2006 Winter Catalog Scans
Bar Twining Whip Finish

The same issue contains this -

RBW Rando Short Tale .

I mean, really... how many articles have you see recently with such a hard-workin' RBW bicycle so prominently displayed? Crikey - the guy is fixing a crank with duct tape!

Bar Twine Technique Scan

How to do that natty pull-through loop clean finish work when using twine to finish your bar tape. Click here or the image above

An Odd Set of Square-ish Lugs - Serrated or "W" Shaped Edges
Rivendell Reader #26 - "Lugs From Macchu Picchu?"

Rivendell Rambouillet
Color Flyer Scan

Rivendell Reader 26 Page 4 Rivendell Reader 26 Page 5

Rivendell Rambouillet Flyer

From 2004 - click to see more


Rivendell Catalog #5 -
Winter/Spring 1999

Nitto Handlebar Model #185

Rivendell Reader #36 - Winter 2005 -
Article on Ritchey Breakaway Model

(Click on image below for full size, hi-rez)

Rivendell Reader #36 - page 18  Rivendell Reader #36 - page 19
List of RBW PDF's, Flyers and other References on this Server

Rivendell Redwood Draft-version Flyer Scan

Rivendell Romulus Color Flyer Scan

Rivendell Rambouillet Color Flyer Scans

Rivendell Bombadil Tentative Geometry Spec Sheet

Rivendell Saluki Flyer

Rivendell Quickbeam Geometry Spec Sheet

Rivendell Bags Capacity Chart (Includes NSS & Berthoud, capacity in CU, CI and Peanuts)

Other References

Panaracer Tire Co spec sheet on Col de la Vie Tires - in Japanese

1993 Cycle Fitments Catalog

Mavic Open Pro Rim Tech Specs

Trail Map - Tamarancho - Fairfax, CA

Trail Map - China Camp State Park - San Rafael, CA

Trail Map - Annadel State Park - Santa Rosa, CA

Trail/Campground Map - Mt Diablo State Park - Walnut Creek, CA

Sorry for the mish-mash here - I realized I'd been squirrelling away pdf's which I'd linked in list-posts, but hadn't ever created a hard link within this site.


RBW Owners Bunch List    
The Rivendell Reader
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RBW Owners Bunch
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T 800.345.3918/ 925.933.7304
F 877.269.5847


If you are looking for information about Bridgestone bicycles, I have a reproduced page on serial number conventions here. The best source for further information would be Sheldon Brown's Bridgestone Bicycle Pages.


Please note - this is absolutely not meant to be a comprehensive representaton of Rivendell Bicycle Works, their products or their policies.
Please visit their website, or contact them directly regarding these products.

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