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Product Preview - AHH & RBW Logo "Stubby" Hats

June 17, 2007




Rivendell Bicycle Works - AHH & RBW Logo "Stubby" Hats

Grant sent an updated email with some clarification as to the hat design, and actual order numbers:

" It's a Halsey style, an old American style cap with a four front-to-back panels and a stubby bill that shades your eyes without sticking out so far as to catch a lot of wind and fly off. It's made for us in Missouri, then embroidered in California. It costs a lot. All cotton, adjustable, and flattering to any face or head.

RBW model is part number 22-774.

A. Homer Hilsen model is part number 22-773.

$30 each, and believe it or not, that's a low, low margin."

And, these are thumbnails - click to see a large-size photo.

AHH "Halsey" style cap

RBW "Halsey" Style Cap

The Stubby Hat in profile

RBW Stubby Hat - front

RBW Stubby Hat - rear view

A Homer Hilsen Stubby Hat Front

A Homer Hilsen Stubby Hat back






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