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Product Preview - Nigel Smythe Bags in Canvas
April 26, 2007




Rivendell Bicycle Works - Nigel Smythe Bags - Examples of Canvas Fabric

Here are three examples of Nigel Smythe bags in the canvas finish for all you non-tweeders out there.

Top to bottom:

Country Bag

Big Loafer

Bar Tube Bag

According to the Riv-folk, all of these are in stock as of this writing, with Little Loafers and Paladins (similar to the old Adam) due in about a month...... And, these are thumbnails - click to see a large-size photo.

Nigel Smythe Country Bag in Canvas

Nigel Smythe Big Loafer Bag in Canvas


Nigel Smythe Bar Tube Bag in canvas


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