Redwood "Draft" Flyer
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The Redwood "Draft" Flyer - 2003 (?)

After putting together the scans from the Romulus color flyer, John over at RBW emailed me that he had a draft copy of a never-published Redwood flyer in his files. He was kind enough to forward them to me so I could get a copy. I think my favorite aspect is the profusion of coffee stains.

These are scans from the lazer proofs which John loaned to me. They were not printed to his knowledge.

Please note - since this was never actually produced and is a draft version, there may be uncorrected errors or changes from the completed bicycles.

Redwood Flyer - Page 1
Redwood Flyer - Page 2
Redwood Flyer - Page 3
Redwood Flyer - Page 4


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