Koga Miyata WTR, '04 - ' world tour' , R is for Rohloff [size: it's a 54/55]

the manufacturer covers all the small parts , so Ill link to it.

changes made :
Schmidt hub , E6 3w light. BBB BHP 21.. internal quill sort of stem riser , to make up for pre-cut too short steerer ...

and added short Bontrager 5 stem for handlebar bag mount .

bag is an Ortlieb RC 'ultimate 3 era' ITM Synergic handle bars , wrapped with 2 packages of 'cork' tape [ brass grip bell ]

T shaped piece is where the handlebar bag would go, if I wanted it high up there.

Saddle is a repaired and re covered ' Cinelli Volare SLX' , I added more padding and covered with Chamois from the auto care section..

faded red bag is a Karrimor, mount to the saddle is a Mintoura double waterbottle mount .. re purposed. Ms. Phelan supplied the Wombat patch.

wrapped around the seat is the AXA plug in lock up chain. it locks into the hole just above the red lever on the Ring lock. nice Rubber block pedals are MKS ..

Rear Skewer for my burley Flatbed



Koga-Miyata WTR - side view


Koga-Miyata WTR - front angle view


Koga-Miyata WTR - front view
Koga-Miyata WTR - Rear angle view
 Koga-Miyata WTR - Wombat Patch Detail

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