Here's my sport-touring bike, out for a ride to return books and enjoy the trail this past Sunday.

It's a DT-shifted Kogswell D58. Highlights include (but are not limited to) a Brooks Swift saddle, a Shimano drivetrain with Sugino 48-36-26 triple, Kogswell super-long-reach calipers and Tektro levers. The fenders are Berthoud stainless steel, and the capture the sun very nicely (see D58-2). The front hub is a Shimano dynohub, which powers a light mounted on the left fork leg with a Minoura Besso and a B&M handlebar mount. For more details of the hub, see attached photo D58-3.

As far as I'm concerned, this bike is just about perfect...

Andy Marchant-Shapiro
La Crosse, WI


This bicycle has been updated - click here for version 2.0


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