Here are three shots of the current version of my D58...

Things to note --

1. New rack. I had picked this up for my son's bike, but. Not triangulated, as was the Blackburn I used to use, but it sits higher on the dropouts, and doesn't rub the fender. And it seems strong enough. Interestingly, the Blackburn I used to use doesn't rub the fender on his bike. Go figger. This one also took the taillight that I wanted to add -- IÕm planning to modify it with a switch so that it acts as a brake light.

2. New mud flaps -- these are Planet Bike Cascadia "road" mudflaps mounted to Berthoud fenders. Narrow, nicely shaped... I like!

3. New light arrangement -- I added a switch box so as to handle the fender-mounted generator-powered light as well as the headlight.

4. Banjo Brothers handlebar bag customized with Klickfix mount. Not too large, not too small. Just right!

5. Clips and straps. A concession to my coming studenthood.

6. Kickstand. Very useful.

7. Bell-mounted by modifying the bracket to fit 26.0 bars.

8. The equivalent of political bumper stickers in the spokes. The colors match so well!

9. Miscellany -- Tektro brakes and levers, minor stuff like that J

10. Oh yeah, I went from Michelin Dynamic 25mm to Michelin Dynamic 28mm for a slightly softer ride. Much nicer than the intervening Pasela TGs... they were harsh!

Andy Marchant-Shapiro
La Crosse, WI



Kogswell D58 - nondrive side view
Kogswell D58 - tail end view
Kogswell D58 - lighting detail

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